We are your OEM and ODM  source for all audio product and design. Wireless audio products:  Global Audio Source provides a complete hardware and software solution for streaming audio & video content, remote access, local control and push update infrastructure for connected consumer electronics, which can be easily integrated in to a manufacture’s product range to provide comprehensive intelligent network connectivity over Ethernet, Wi Fi and Bluetooth.         
New Wi Fi wireless

  • Non compress audio
  • It sinks to itself.
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  • Turnkey speaker systems: including sound bars, sub-woofers, 5.1, 7.1 and stereo speaker systems.                                                                          tower speaker            book self speakers                    pro speakers                          
  • In-wall and in-ceiling speaker systems.

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  • Loudspeakers for home, pro audio, car and industrial.  This include full range drivers, tweeters, mid range, and sub-woofer.  We also will work with you on developing compression drivers and source them for you.
  • Outdoor speaker systems.
  • Crossovers.
  • Amplifiers: In all formats ICE, A, AB formates, plate and stand alone amps.HY6.1D    
  • AV furniture and mounts.

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  • Loudspeaker components– terminal, grilles, cabinets, cones plus much more.

speaker jewlery and spiders 002baskets 003t-yokes and front platescones 002grilles 002 All of are designs are custom to our customers, in respect to our customers we are not able to show all the design of product we supply.  We hope you understand and appreciate our position.  We will do like wise for any product that we would develop for you also.               .